Sponsor a Child

Sponsorship Program: The Public School System ends at 6th grade in Honduras, so W.Y.M also offers a program for youth graduating 6th grade in public schooling to have an opportunity to get a sponsor to attend 7th grade in a private school. This program relies solely on supporters of W.Y.M. who offer to sponsor a child. Without those willing to give a little every month to give the youth a future, this program doesn’t exist. In return, the sponsored youth keeps in close contact with their sponsor via email, letters, and occasional phone calls. They also are required to keep a certain grade point average, and email their sponsors their test scores and grades when they become available.

World Youth Movement has recently been granted 501c3 status–which means your valuable gift of schooling for a child is now tax deductible!

Take a look at the agreement here: Sponsorship Agreement

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