Fire Starters

Fire Starters doing a community service garden project.

A few of the Fire Starters doing a community service project.

“Fire Starters” Boys Empowerment Group: Our boys group works with ages 12-17 and meets once a week. We focus on the transition from being a boy to becoming a man. Various points of focus are: self-image, societal expectations, healthy relationships, core morals and values, responsibilities, familial relationships, working together, stereotypes, future goals, expectations, and positive peer relationships. We also utilize activities such as sports, outdoor group building, music, talent contests, art, hip-hop poetry slams, creative expression, camping, field trips, community service, and leadership building.

Our Motto


I will fan the flames of change.

I will help solve the problems that face

our communities,

our nation,

and our world.

I will spark a flame of interest,

build a fire of commitment,

fan the flames of courage,

and spread positive youth empowerment like wildfire.

I will be a part of the solution, and not a part of the problem.

I will be a part of a movement.

I will carry this commitment

with me always and in all ways.

I am a Firestarter,

and I will burn forever.

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