WYM Youth Basketball Team

The World Youth Movement Youth Basketball Team works together with the Bay Island Sport Institute (BISI) to provide youth sports to communities where there was none before.  WYM believes that through team sports youth can learn positive ways of working together for sucessful outcomes, youth become leaders and role models in their communities, and youth are provided a safe and structured place to spend time outside of school.

Requirements to be a part of the WYM Basketball team are to do well in school and to be positive leaders in the community.  Good grades, no fighting, no drugs or alcohol, and positive lifestyle choices are a part getting to play basketball. WYM is proud to be a part of the BISI Roatan Basketball League,which has created opportunities for organized youth sports for the very first time for many of the youth.  Getting to to play Youth Basketball is a huge privilege and an even bigger source of pride for those who get to wear the WYM uniform.

WYM Basketball is changing lives for the youth involved and for their communities with empowerment through sports.  Go WYM Youth Basketball!

Get involved by volunteering, donating basketballs, shoes, or other sports equipment.  Twenty dollars donated specified for the basketball team can go along way to putting shoes on one of the players that plays barefoot, providing bus fare to get the team to a game, or providing something fun like a celebration meal after a tournament well played.  Check out the get involved page to learn more.